CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Virginia Humanities has come out in support of the standards of learning proposed by the Virginia Department of Education for the August SOL proposal.

The organization says it supports the previous SOL proposal for history and social sciences because it's "more expansive and representative of who Virginians are."

The Youngkin administration's draft sparked criticisms for the document's reference to indigenous people as immigrants and the omission of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Juneteenth.

Normally, an SOL is revised every seven years in August, but this is the first time it has been delayed until the next school board meeting, which will be held on Feb. 1.

"In August they decided, the board asked, for a different version of the document. One with standards in one document and one with frameworks in the other. Which is just a separate document. And in November, they gave it, but they did not approve those standards," said Alicen Brown, the coordinator for social studies and world languages at Charlottesville City Schools. "Now, they are, this has never been done before, it's never happened, we've had no precedent with this, the board has asked for a combination of both August standards and the November standards. And that is what's going to be discussed in February."

According to Charlottesville City Schools officials, this is the first time the state has disregarded its normal process. If passed in February, teachers will have less than a year to update their curriculum for students before the new school year.