WASHINGTON (CBS19 NEWS) -- The congressional standoff over electing a new House speaker continued Thursday.

Fifth District Republican Representative Bob Good continues to vote against Congressman Kevin McCarthy.

Good says that taking time to elect a speaker who will support the Republican agenda is worth the time.

And while some have called the Republican standstill embarrassing, Good said the way they're acting isn't bad, because it's what democracy should look like.

"The way we're functioning on the House floor is how it should be. This is what our republic should look like," he said.

Good said those continuous conversations among lawmakers as they vote for a speaker is what he wants to see in 118th session of Congress.

"We haven't allowed amendments from the floor in six years in Congress, which really disempowers the individual members who are elected by their constituents to go represent them in Washington," he said.

And Good has goals for what he wants to accomplish.

"You're going to see us begin to initiate some investigations into concerns relative to the Biden administration," he said.

Those include investigating the withdrawal from Afghanistan, funds sent to Ukraine, and the “weaponization of the federal government against its citizens.”

"All of those things the American people need answers on," Good said.  

He also said he wants to make sure the House is passing bills.

"That would secure the border, that would end the war on American energy, that would end the vaccine mandates, that would cut spending and lead to a balanced budget," he said.  

But the plans won’t come to fruition until Republicans can figure out a way to elect a speaker.