SHENANDOAH NATIONAL PARK, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Most people going on vacation plan to pack an outfit, but Sam Barsky, the owner of Sam Barsky's Artistic Sweaters, makes an outfit.

He has a combined following of 400,000 people who are itching to see what sweater he makes for his next upcoming trip.

It takes Barsky about a month to create a sweater, so he has also created a t-shirt business that has his designs on them, so his fans can still rock his creations.

“Many people have a love-hate relationship with social media. But for me, it’s really helpful with making a livelihood,” he said. 

But one of his most famous sweaters is his Skyline Drive sweater, a location means a lot to him and his wife.

It has become an annual tradition for them to visit, and they have been visiting since before they were married. 

“Where’s a good place to have a get away? And we started driving that direction. Then we discovered Shenandoah National Park again! And from then on, it became an annual tradition of ours,” added Barsky.

However, not all of Barsky’s sweaters come out to his liking the first time.

“I first made it once, and I was so unhappy with the original way it came out, that I tore it up and made it again,” added Barsky. 

But, practice makes perfect, and Barsky captured all the beautiful landscape Skyline Drive has to offer. 

“It was actually one of the harder designs for me to create, because I was thinking how do I incorporate all the vegetation, the mountain, the road, the waterfalls, everything the park has to offer,” said Barsky.

So, what’s Barsky’s next design?

“This is in Baltimore. The original Washington Monument of Baltimore, and on the back of it, which is next to the Washington Monument is the Walters Art Museum,” said Barsky. 

And he advises anyone that wants to get into knitting to not do it for the money, but for the fun. 

Information on purchasing items and more about Barsky's designs will be available here.