CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- After his 327th win Tony Bennett said the key to his success wasn't himself but in his support staff and players. Though new to the scene one player who's shown they have what it takes to become a program leader is freshman Isaac Mckneely.

From the pack-line in Poca West Virginia to JPJ the freshman has become more confident in his shooting. On Saturday Mckneely shot 4 for 7 from the 3. So far this season he has made 22 threes in his first 14 games as a cavalier, the only other two freshmen in program history to match that? Joe Harris and Kyle Guy. It's a great start and a great stat that Mckneely fully credits to Bennett and his encouragement to let it fly from behind the line.

"I told him, take the parking brake off," said UVA men's basketball coach Tony Bennett, "I said just take it off and don't play with the parking brake on like if you have a rhythm shot take it, be assertive. It's a process for everyone but we needed that and he's rising up, bouncing up and hitting some shots and I want him to keep developing so that was...we went with a little tighter rotation but you need that against this and he is going in the right direction."

The true freshman started has been hesitant to shoot at times but on Saturday Mckneely went hit his second double of the season as he matched his career high with four 3-pointers. 

"he just told me to be more aggressive he just told me he feels that sometimes I'm not taking the shots that I should when they are there so Coach Bennett has trust in me so that makes me feel really happy, to hear that from the head coach that he wants me to shot more I'm sure a lot of people would want to have that problem so you know I'm just trying to be more aggressive. I'm getting more and more comfortable every single game so I'm just going got keep letting them fly when they are there so credit to my teammates for getting me the ball in open spots"

The Poca West Virginia native committed to Virginia because of the culture Bennett has created. He said he received a lot of promises of playing time from other coaches, while Bennett simply promised the possibility of play time if he worked for it. So far Mckneely is becoming more comfortable on the court as injuries first gave him the opportunity to contribute.