CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS)-- In the water or in the classroom, Cayden Fix, is fixed on perfection.

"She has managed not only advanced level classes so she'll graduate with an advanced diploma and then she'll have her associates degree. I mean she's taking AP classes all while being in the pool 2, 3 hours a day easily year round," explained William Monroe swim coach Lydia Burk.

Cayden has been a pivotal member of the William Monroe Swim Team since 9th grade, and when she's not in the pool for the dragons she's swimming for Cavalier Aquatics

"She drives to Charlottesville for practice every morning, so she is practicing twice a day, swimming a thousand yards every single day," started Burk, "And doing it with a smile on her face, she is the most positive individual I think I have taught in years."

Two teams and a rigorous course load requires a lot of discipline but Cayden gives willingly to all she's involved in.

"I wake up at 4:30 in the morning basically most days," said senior swimmer Cayden Fix, "I just love that it's an individual sport. It's just a really good mental space and to have the self confidence it's really helped me with time management and basic life skills."

Cayden didn't just fall into the pool. She dove in head first, following a passion for the sport passed down from her mother.

"I first got into swimming because my mom was a swimmer when she grew up," explained Fix, "It just ran in the family, so I've been swimming for 11 years now."

And she has no plans on stopping anytime soon as Cayden is committed to swim at Randolph Macon College.