KESWICK, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A whole lot of creativity and passion are just two of the ingredients Castle Hill puts into its nationally-recognized ciders, which were recently nominated for three Good Food awards.

Out of more than 1,700 entries, Castle Hill’s Dry Hopped, Silver Bough, and Sunday Muse were chosen to represent Castle Hill at this year’s finals.

And wanting to represent Virginia at the Good Food awards was a no-brainer to Castle Hill.

“A lot of the things that they represent are things that we want to be a part of and we feel that our product reflects as well,” said Don Whitaker, the cider maker.

These ciders each are made with time, care, and effort, and even a little secret ingredient Whittaker has.

“I spend a lot of time in the orchard and it sounds a little crazy, but I listen to it and I see where the apples want to go. It sounds a little nutty, but it’s true,” added Whittaker.

The apples that have gone into these ciders each have a unique flavor and are great for special occasions.

For example, Dry Hopped is perfect for barbecues or game days, Silver Bough is matured for more than a year in rum barrels, and Sunday Muse is the perfect drink to have with dessert. 

Having each of these ciders recognized will help grow the love Castle Hill and Charlottesville has for cideries.

“It will encourage better ways for us to be better stewards of the land and the craft of cider making,” added Whitaker.

Castle Hill is excited to have the opportunity to represent this area at the Good Food awards in April and hopes to make Virginia proud.

"We're super pleased to be considered, we're very excited to be finalists in this because it is a benchmark, it is a milestone. and we're very very happy to be considered," Whitaker said.

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