ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Albemarle County Public Schools removed school resource officers a few years ago, but now the division superintendent wants them back. The Hate Free Schools Coalition disagrees, saying having officers in school is unnecessary.

"There are actually more SROs in our schools now, and what do we have, more school shootings now," said Amanda Moxham, a founding member of the coalition.

She was responding to a suggestion from ACPS' Superintendent Dr. Matt Haas.

"It's highlighted in the media today a little bit about my pending recommendation around returning to have school resource officers," Haas said during a meeting of the Albemarle County School Board on Thursday.

Haas says SROs at schools are just one thing that he thinks would make campuses safer.

"I want you to know that we are doing a lot more, and there is a lot more that has been done at the schools to support all of our students, even when they come to school and they aren't safe during the day," he added.

But Moxham disagrees, saying SROs in schools would be abusive.

"I do not brutalize my children at home, I do not seek out information from them so that I can charge them with a crime or some kind of issue, but that's what we are actually asking the SROs to do," she said.

She says school boards around the country need to focus on the root cause.

"We need to get to the root cause. We are talking about a group of adults in our school systems that are actually supposed to be educators, these are not supposed to be people who are administrators trying to police our children," said Moxham.

Instead, Moxham says more therapy is what is needed instead of SROs.

"What we need in our community and truthfully across our country and the world, is better mental health, better therapy for our children, better connection to the resources that already exist in this community. Instead of this sense of kind of wrapping our arms around our schools and trying to house it all in," she said.

Haas says there are other measures being considered beside from SROs.