RICHMOND, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- As the General Assembly continues to meet this month, groups will be taking to the hill to lobby for causes important to them. 

The Alzheimer’s Association will be sending advocates to Richmond for a day on Jan. 19. While there, they'll ask lawmakers to consider a bill requiring law enforcement recruits to receive dementia-specific training as they begin their careers.

The organization believes it will help ensure that appropriate techniques are used when dealing with people suffering from cognitive impairment.

Robin Gouckenour's husband passed away in 2020 after a battle with cancer and dementia. She knows how difficult it is when someone with dementia wanders away from home.

"Anything that could be done to help, not only the person suffering with the Dementia, but the caregivers too, because it is terrifying, I mean just terrifying, to know they're out there somewhere and you can't get to them," she said.

Gouckenour will be at the state capitol on Jan. 19 to lobby. She hopes there will eventually be some kind of national law along these lines.