CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- For only the third time this season, Tony Bennett changed the starting lineup for Virginia against Florida State inserting Ben Vander Plas in for Kadin Shedrick.

"That's the versatility of this team," Bennett said on Monday, "There's a handful of guys that makes practice competitive and we got to keep figuring out what works best from a chemistry standpoint and how we're producing."

The tweak to the starting five worked well with Vander Plas scoring 15 points to help the Cavaliers sweep the season series with Florida State, following up his 17 point breakout against UNC earlier in the week. Shedrick on the other hand played a season-low five minutes against the Seminoles.

Even halfway through the season, Bennett says the starting lineups and rotation will largely remain fluid depending on opponent, matchups, foul trouble and health. The fluidity is partly how Virginia 'stumbled' onto the four-guard lineup, which helped close out the final 15 minutes in the win over North Carolina.

"You always hope that you find guys that can help, you need depth," Bennett said, "But you also need to settle on a rotation."

Bennett calls this flexibility a major departure from last season when the Cavaliers only had a six to 6.5 man rotation. This season Virginia can go 10-deep at times, even with talented freshmen Isaac Traudt and Leon Bond redshirting.

Even with the extra depth, players are still restricted to those same determining factors like matchups and foul trouble. With Florida State going small on Saturday, Bennett played his centers only a combined five minutes, while handing freshman Ryan Dunn 17 minutes, the most he has played in ACC competition.

"I mentioned Ryan Dunn, didn't play for awhile, then he played, Kadin didn't play as much, but he's given us great lifts before," Bennett said, "It's just a matter of all your guys staying ready and keeping your unity. That's one thing you always have to challenge them to stay together and be ready when they're called upon and it can ebb and flow, but that's part of it."

The starting lineup of Kihei Clark, Reece Beekman, Armaan Franklin, Jayden Gardner and Shedrick has started all but two games this season. Moving forward Bennett does not see a set timeframe where he would like to have a settled starting lineup and rotation, choosing instead to go off of 'feel' and more changes could come on Wednesday against rivals Virginia Tech.

"From this summer I said there's whether it's seven guys, eight guys that could all possibly be starters and we've been fairly consistent this year," Bennett said, "We'll probably be flexible and see just how these practices go, look at obviously Virginia Tech's lineup."