FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS)-- Jackson Kinsella is not one to back down from a challenge.

"It's all about knowing your limits and training your limits," explains Fluvanna County senior swimmer Jackson Kinsella, "Kind of like scaffolding, pushing yourself up up beyond it. Knowing yourself and going and just being in tune with the water but also believing in yourself and knowing that if you train your body you can achieve anything."

Whether it's in the pool or in the classroom, Kinsella is constantly setting and achieving goals. His most recent one? Getting into his dream school of Stanford.

"I think if you set a goal and it's not a lofty goal but it's a goal that you have steps leading up towards," says Kinsella, "It's kind of like a sport if you want to drop time you got to make a practice regime to get to that time drop so that's just sort of how Stanford was. I knew I could get there but I just had to set a plan to get there; that involved schools, sports, and just knowing myself"

Jackson's planning hasn't just led to his dream school but it has set him apart as a leader and set him on track to become class valedictorian.

"Jackson as a student is likely one of the best I've ever taught," said Fluvanna County Swim Coach Scott Morris, "He's an extremely intelligent young man he's truly a leader in his class and likely valedictorian for Fluvanna."

While Kinsella will be hanging up his swim cap after graduation, he says it was the regime and work ethic the sport offered him that led to his success in the classroom and in life.

"It's a great way for me to have life sport balance," said Kinsella, "I don't want my life to be just about school so this is just a good outlet and an important part of my efficiency as a student because then I get to go home at the end of a really long day energized from a good practice, a good meet and then get to work."