CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- People are starting to think about filing their 2022 tax returns, and for some, they can get free help doing so.

The Madison House, an independent volunteer center for students at the University of Virginia, is teaming up with Habitat for Humanity and the UVA Community Credit Union again to offer free tax preparation services.

According to a release, these organizations together form the Cville Tax Aid Coalition, which will help residents of Charlottesville and the surrounding counties file their taxes for free, if they are eligible.

“The Cville Tax Aid Coalition aims to help taxpayers who earn less than $62,000 annually save money on tax preparation fees and claim tax credits for which they are eligible, particularly the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit. According to the IRS, more than 20 percent of eligible taxpayers do not claim these credits,” said Sydnee Pottebaum, a Graduate Fellow at Madison House who supports the volunteer income tax assistance programs. “Claiming these credits can be difficult because they vary by family size, income, and filing status. Our IRS-trained volunteers help ensure that taxpayers get all of the tax credits for which they may qualify.”

The coalition used to be led by the United Way of Greater Charlottesville, but Madison House has now taken over its leadership.

This year, more than 190 volunteer tax preparers have been recruited to meet with clients face-to-face.

Additionally, drop-off services will be available as well as access to free online tax preparation software for people who want to complete their own tax forms.

The release says the UVA Community Credit Union will also offer in-person and drop-off services at several of its branches, while Spanish-speaking services will be available in-person through Habitat for Humanity at the Southwood Community Center.

“We want to reach more taxpayers than ever before,” says Pottebaum. “While our priority is to serve people earning less than $62,000 per year, there are also options for people earning a bit more. One of the links on our website connects to a free self-filing tax preparation program that allows people earning up to $73,000 annually to input and file their own taxes at their convenience.”

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