CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Attorneys for a former Charlottesville Police Department chief say the fight is not yet over.

This comes after a judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by former Chief RaShall Brackney against Charlottesville and several city leaders.

In her lawsuit, Brackney said she was wrongfully terminated and that race and gender played roles in her firing.

Her attorneys released this statement on Monday:

When we embarked on this case with Dr. RaShall Brackney, we understood that the process would be equal to a 15-round heavyweight title fight.  We did not come into this lawsuit with any delusions regarding Charlottesville’s atmosphere of entitlement or its institutions of cultural supremacy.

Notwithstanding the decision reached by this Court, the legal standard for our complaint at this early stage in the case was two-fold: put the defendants on notice as to why they were being sued and plead the facts supporting a plausible claim.  To this end, we submitted an extensive— not exhaustive — complaint with supporting exhibits, showing all who were willing to read it, that we in fact met the standard.

At this early stage, and prior to the benefit of discovery, the standard for such a motion should have been afforded.  The Court should have examined the complaint in the light most favorable to the Plaintiff. The Judge failed to do so. 

In reading the Court's decision, we are reminded of Dr. King's words:  “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” We came and are prepared to finish this fight to vindicate Dr. Brackney.

Our advice to the Defendants:  Don't go whistling Dixie yet, because we have only just begun to battle.