CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- “There’s a ton to explore here and so I hope that people come down and try something new,” said owner and head brewer Andrew Centofante. 

The newest brewery to try has just opened in downtown Charlottesville. Bad Luck Ramen Bar features unique dishes the area has not experienced before, freshly-brewed sake and ramen.

“You can come in and have a really great meal, you can pair it with some of our sake, you can get flights, you can get bottles to go, so we are continually producing sake and at the same time making fantastic bowls of ramen,” said Centofante. 

He was inspired to make sake after a trip to Japan, where he was given the worst fortune possible, inspiring the name of the brewery.

And even though Bad Luck may continue to haunt him, Centrofante decided to own it and combine his two passions, ramen and sake.

“They all connect in such a beautiful way, so we love to bring these elements together so people can experience some new things,” added Centofante. 

Even though Virginia is known for its breweries and wineries, Bad Luck is a great way to take a break from the beer and wine the area offers and try this new addition.

"And it's really fun to explore and I think once people get a chance to see that sake is varied, there's styles, there's originalities, there's differences to it, it's a really fun beverage to explore" added Centofante.

He even has some recommendations for people stopping by for their first visit.

“I really feel like our Big Baby, which is a cloudy style sake that’s big and bold and fresh and vibrant, can really hold up to some bigger characters,” said Centofante. 

Bad Luck is now open Wednesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner.