WASHINGTON (CBS19 NEWS) -- In the wake of the Monterey Park shooting, Virginia Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner are reintroducing legislation in Congress to protect communities from assault weapons.

The Assault Weapon Ban of 2023 would ban the sale, transfer, manufacture and import of military-style assault weapons. This includes guns like the one used by the Monterey Park shooter earlier this week.

It also would ban high-capacity magazines and other high-capacity ammunition feeding devices, bump stocks, and folding or telescoping stocks among other things.

In a joint statement, the senators said, "while this legislation will not prevent every senseless act of gun violence, it is a reasonable step that will take high-capacity weapons off the street."

There are exemptions for more than 2,200 guns, by name, frequently used for hunting, household defense or recreational purposes and a grandfather clause exempting weapons that are lawfully owned at the time the legislation is enacted if it passes Congress and becomes law.

Kaine and Warner have both been active supporters of increased gun violence prevention measures in response to frequent mass shootings across the country.