LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Instead of taking the day off from school, Louisa County Public Schools students came together to package meals for the Local Resource Council.

A day like this is a part of Louisa County’s asynchronous day program, where students volunteer at various places across the county to make a difference on their day off.

“What makes these days so impactful is that we get to serve our community, we get to model giving back, and we actually get to learn outside the classroom,” said Heather Spaid, the director of elementary education for LCPS. 

On this asynchronous day, 300 students packaged macaroni and cheese meals, in partnership with Meals of Hope. 

Each student had a special role, ranging from pouring the macaroni to sealing the bag to making boxes. They worked together and packaged more than 5,000 meals, which fit into more than 100 boxes. Each box also contained a positive handwritten note.

“I think that community events should be a part of the curriculum. I would love the Virginia Department of Education to adopt days like this so that we can continue to teach our children they’re not too little to give back,” Spaid added.

Doing something as small as packaging food helps students realize the difference they are able to make in their community. 

“You know our asynchronous days are all about providing community service opportunities for our students, families to come out, and give back to the community," said LCPS Superintendent Doug Straley. "And Louisa is a really special place to be able to give back to your community is so important. And helping these students understand the importance is what these days are all about.”

The next asynchronous day will take place in February, and the school division plans to package another 5,000 meals and continue making a difference in the lives of people in the community.