RICHMOND, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- In Richmond, Delegate Sally Hudson and University of Virginia Police Chief Tim Longo introduced a bill that would keep guns off university property.

The two pitched the bill, which is in response to the November shooting that killed three UVA football players.

Earlier this week, state Senator Creigh Deeds introduced a version of the bill in that chamber.

What these bills would change is who has the power of enforcement.

At this time, it’s against a UVA policy to have a gun on Grounds, but since it’s a policy, it falls on the UVA administration to enforce it.

The bills would change the law and give the UVA Police Department the power to enforce it.

“I didn’t have that opportunity on Nov. 13 or any day before that. I didn’t,” Longo said. “I don’t know that it would have changed the outcome of that night, but I do know this. If [the Virginia Capitol] is ‘sensitive,’ then what makes it ok to come into a dormitory on the Grounds of the University of Virginia with a gun?”

The companion bills would make carrying a gun in “sensitive spaces” on college campuses illegal. Spaces that would fall under such a definition include dorms, stadiums and libraries.

Both pieces of legislation are still working through committees at the Capitol.

They need to make it through the entire legislative process and then be signed by Governor Glenn Youngkin.

It is not clear if either bill will make it through the process at this point.