CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Charlottesville Police Chief Michael Kochis took to the streets Thursday to talk to those living in neighborhoods hit hard by gun violence.

Kochis and some officers spoke to community members on Hardy Drive to hear about their concerns and what they want to see from the new top cop. 

"We're getting out and listening to real stories and talking to folks and trying to get an understanding and to what they want from their police department and what they want that to look like. The message I’m hearing is clear: they want us in their neighborhood, they want the police here and they want to make sure we are doing things right and safe,” said Kochis.

At the event, community members made a point to talk about how they've had gunshots fly through their living rooms, leaving holes in their homes. They say it’s hard for their kids to have others over for fear of their safety.

"We got to build their trust, that's going to take time, that's going to take a lot of conversations. Just like this and we are going to do this throughout the city," said Kochis.

He says that he plans to have these walk-and-talk events once every week and says that he would happy to go to any town halls, city meetings or other events in the community to make sure the community feels informed and heard.