NELSON COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Virginia State Police reports divers returned to the Rockfish River in Nelson County on Friday.

Around 8:15 a.m. Friday, they recovered the body of one of the two people still missing from a submerged vehicle that was found in the river in December.

The body was taken to the Office of the Medical Examiner for positive identification.

The divers are continuing to look for the other missing person and are expected to return to the site this week.

VSP was contacted regarding the submerged vehicle on Dec. 27, though the investigation is still working to determine exactly when it was washed into the river.

The vehicle was found near the intersection of Bridgeport Lane and Johnson Hollow, a low-river crossing that officials believe the Toyota 4Runner attempted to cross while it was flooded. This location is on private property.

The body of 30-year-old Pharoh M. Shabazz of Arrington was found inside the vehicle while the bodies of 17-year-old Christopher W. Doss and 11-year-old Jasiah Davis were found on the riverbank.

VSP was told there were two other people in the vehicle, and now the remains of one of them have been found. Those people were an 18-year-old male and 12-year-old male.

Police have not said which of these two people may have been found on Friday.

The investigation has found that Shabazz was the court-appointed legal guardian of three of the passengers in the 4Runner, and the fourth passenger was a friend.