CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Drivers are supposed to slow down in school traffic zones, but it appears that many people are not.

Charlottesville City Schools crossing guards are asking for speed cameras at what they call the three most congested and dangerous school crossings.

Those crossings are Monticello Avenue at Clark/Summit Elementary, Cherry Avenue at Johnson Elementary, and Cherry Avenue at Buford Middle School.

The proposal, which is being presented for the first time at Monday’s Charlottesville City Council meeting, says cameras would be active during school drop-off and pick-up hours.

If and when the camera records a speeding vehicle, a ticket would automatically be sent to the driver.

Ruth Hill, the crossing guard at Clark/Summit, said because people come off Interstate 64 onto Monticello Avenue, they speed like they're on the highway even though there are signs regarding the lower speed.

"I have a lot of work trucks that come through here speeding. With those big trucks or vans, they don't realize, if a child runs out into the street even though I'm here, they don't realize the damage they could do. It's just a disaster waiting to happen," Hill said.

She said she thinks cameras would check driver behavior.

The school division increased the number of walk zones at the beginning of the school year. The division's chief of operations said that, along with the ongoing bus driver shortage, increased the number of students walking to school and the number of crossing guards hired.

Monday’s meeting was only the first reading of the proposal. If it does pass, it could be funded by a Virginia Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School grant.