CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- School counselors play a big role in student lives, and one area school division is looking to highlight them.

“They are kind of responsible for three different domains: the academic development of our students, the career development of our students, and the personal, social, or mental wellness of our students,” said Patrick Farrell, Behavior Support Specialist for Charlottesville High School.

Farrell is talking about a role that often goes unnoticed in a student’s life, the role of a school counselor.

With this week being National School Counselor Week, Charlottesville City Schools celebrated its school counselors with recognition and support from the school staff.

“So a school counselor is kind of on call for every single student in the building, and so, a day to day, they might be helping at the high school level, they may be helping a student with their career planning or college planning, or fixing their schedule, or readjusting, or they might be dealing with a personal issue. And sometimes, it’s a combination of all three,” added Farrell. 

From a more national standpoint, counselors are now more important than ever.

Dealing with an increase in the mental health and wellness needs of high schoolers, counselors are checking up on students inside and outside the classroom.

With all the roles a counselor plays in a student’s life, all Charlottesville City Schools took this week to appreciate and show support for all the hard work the counselors put into each student’s life.

“I think part of it is just making it clear what they do all the time. Most teachers think ‘Oh, they seem to be kind of on hand, if there’s any crisis they’re in the middle of it,’ and so just being very explicit to the different ways they support not only the students, but the families, the community, and the other staff members at the school,” added Farrell.

Officials with Charlottesville City Schools add they are very appreciative of these compassionate, patient, thoughtful people who help students navigate the ups and downs of life and plan for their futures.