ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A big sale in the area is merging wine and history, as the Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Foundation buys Jefferson Vineyards.

The 400-acre vineyard was started by Thomas Jefferson and Phillip Mazzei before the American Revolution and it is now tied to Jefferson's home once again. 

In 1774, it was a dream for Jefferson, and it has been a reality in Virginia for 40 years. For Jefferson Vineyards, the recent purchase allows it to continue to do the things it loves.

Jefferson Vineyards, which was one of the earliest commercial wine ventures in what would become the United States, sits between Monticello and James Monroe's Highland.

"We have about 22 acres of vineyards and make about 20 different wines every year. The important thing about our site is that we're about a mile south of Monticello,” Jefferson Vineyard’s winemaker Chris Rizcoven said.

For the past 40 years, the Woodward family owned the vineyard. Last month, Monticello acquired it for $11.75 million.

"It's been a family-owned business and the family wanted to move on to other ventures and they thought that Monticello was a perfect partner and shared very similar mission values,” Ritzcoven said.

This is a proud moment in history for those that work at the vineyard.

"Monticello is such an iconic part of, [and] we're just really proud to join ventures and continue this history,” said Ritzcoven.

He has been making wine for the past 10 years and he says that he's not concerned that anything will change.

"Part of the acquisition is everything will stay the same. We still have the wine-making team and vineyard team and taste room staff as well,” Ritzcoven said.

At Jefferson Vineyards, officials say the purchase by Monticello is good news and they will continue to make the best wine that they can.