CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 Sports)-- McDonald's All American and 5 star recruit are just a few of the titles Kymora Johnson has earned this year, but those closest to Mo call her a leader.

"So we played a game Friday night and then Saturday we had an opportunity for a community service event," started STAB girls basketball coach Phil Stinnie, "I told Mo about it and I said hey its not mandatory but if you guys want to come, then come. Not only did they come, she brought the whole team, other teammates, other classmates, and they came just because they knew Mo was going."

With recognition comes influence, and with every new accolade comes another young player who looks up to Mo, but being a role model comes almost as naturally as her skills on the court.

"It's a little crazy to think that I was one of those girls looking up to someone else and now they're looking up to me," said STAB senior guard Kymora Johnson, "You know I have little sisters, they look up to me so I try to be the best role model I can."

"Mo has a group of young ladies probably between 13 and 10 that she does skill work with under the radar. She works with kids," said Stinnie.

The number of kids looking up to Mo will only grow as she moves just half a mile down the road to play for the cavaliers in JPJ. 

"Attendance, you're going to have two local kids who could have went anywhere in the country and they chose to stay at home," said Stinnie, 'The attendance is up, spectators are loving girls basketball again. You can probably double that outcome next year."

"Family is number one for me," said Johnson, "Family and friends, everyone is here so they can all watch me play and I think I'm going to be representing my city pretty well."