CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Three people have been murdered in Charlottesville in just the last month and a half, all of them in incidents of gun violence.

"At 3:40 p.m. yesterday afternoon, someone felt comfortable enough to pull out a gun in broad daylight and kill a person. And that's a problem," said Charlottesville Police Chief Michael Kochis.

On Thursday, he laid out a three-point plan to get gun violence in the city under control.

"Those who feel like they can walk around the street and the middle of daylight with a gun and commit these crimes, they need to think twice," Kochis said.

The Charlottesville Police Department is increasing patrols in three parts of town that are hotspots for gun violence.

"Tenth and Page is the area we're going to focus on the most, the Corner by the university, and then a little further away from 10th and Page," Kochis said. "That's going to be officers on foot, officers on their bikes and officers on their vehicles. And the [undercover cops] are going to be out, they're going to speak to members of the community, and they're going to address crime when they see it." 

Kochis said he has already assigned a full-time detective to the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force to go after the guns.

"This task force works in a covert capacity to address gun crime and find out where these guns are coming from," he said.

And he's organizing a talk with the community “so I can hear directly from the residents who are being affected by this gun crime, and I can speak to them about our strategies moving forward and get their input." 

The department plans to announce the scheduling details for an upcoming community forum in the coming days.

Kochis said people have been willing to help in the investigations so far, and he wants that to continue.

"We need to build back trust in this community, and that doesn't happen overnight," he said.

Kochis said CPD has suspects in two of the recent shootings, and it’ll announce more details when an arrest is made in the most recent homicide.