GREENE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- For the second year in a row, Tucker Shifflett has led the William Monroe dragons to the state tournament, but he isn't the first in his family to do it.

"My dad played on the state team here as well as my uncle so that in itself made me want to play basketball here," explained senior guard Tucker Shifflett.

Shifflett grew up with a baseball bat in hand but soon found himself on the court in the dragons liar, following in his father, uncle, and even older brothers footsteps. 

"Baseballs fun don't get me wrong," started Shifflett, "But basketball is just constant motion and constant stuff going on."

"So I've been able to teach him since yeah probably 2nd grade and then he's been a part of our basketball program for a really long time," said Coach Brett Maynard, "I think he started coming to our workouts in 6th grade, maybe 5th grade."

While Tuckers skills on the court have always impressed but it's been his leadership that has taken the dragons to the next level.

"We had some seniors last year so it was my year to pick it up and really lead the team, make sure they're doing well in school or out of school and just not only lead with my voice but lead with my actions," said Shifflett.

They are leadership skills passed down from his father, like stories passed down from his own time in the William Monroe jersey.

"He'll tell me stories about how they'd walk in the gym and people would just boo them because they were so good or they would get newspapers to ignore them and there would be packed out crowds so it was pretty cool to hear about," said Shifflett.

With less hate on the road, the youngest Shifflett's goal remains the same; lead William Monroe back to a state title.

"I really take it to heart," started Shifflett, "I mean that's my dad so, I love him and I just want to be like him, be like him winning states."