CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- People may still wonder if it's safe to travel with COVID-19. Dr. Costi Sifri at the University of Virginia Health System says it’s really up to the individual.

During the pandemic, fewer people were traveling, but those numbers have been ramping back up in recent months.

Health experts say people should assess their own health before booking a trip. 

Sifri offers some tips, such as being familiar with the destination, including the case and infection numbers for a given area. 

He also says travelers need to be flexible just in case plans change or if someone gets sick.

"I've done something in the last couple of years that historically I've never done before, and that's purchase travel insurance so that I have the ability to cancel a trip that I need either because I'm sick or because, you know, I haven't made a judgment or an assessment that says that this trip may be too risky for me at this time," said Sifri.

He also people can always check for concerns about health issues on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's travel website