CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va (CBS19 News) -- UVA Nursing students are currently studying baby deliveries, and are taking it to the next level after earning an endorsement from the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning.

A recognition like this shows all the hard work professors and students have been putting into creating future nurses.

“It recognizes that we are doing a great job in pre-briefing, de-briefing, professional integrity, and facilitation. It’s just a great acknowledgement for what we’re doing here for our students and from our faculty perspective,” added Ryne Ackard, Director of the Mary Morton Parsons Clinical Simulation Learning Center.

Here's how it works, students practice with real life patients, and given scenarios that can happen in a hospital room like hemorrhaging.

Professors watch from this room and then debrief with students about what they did that was great or practice more for next time.

“So for nursing students, we want them to have, not mistakes but learning opportunities, where they are able to do things in a safe environment and that allows them to have the experience, learn some knowledge, be able to apply what they’ve learned, and then that prepares them for a more safe experience when they’re in that environment in that clinical area,” added Jennifer Gaines, an instructor at the UVA School of Nursing.

Now it may seem like an intense way to train these students, but they say it’s shaping them up to be the best nurse they can be.

‘I think it just makes me feel more confident as a nurse, and competent as well. I think we learn a lot of skills as nurses, and going into being a new nurse can be very intimidating. So being able to practice here, we build teamwork with each other as well as work on our skills that we’ve learned so much,” added Brianna Traenkle, a nursing student at UVA.

The University of Virginia Simulation lab is one of fourteen who was endorsed nationwide, and UVA added that this endorsement is a testament to all the hard work students and nurses are putting in when in the classroom.