LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Wednesday was an asynchronous learning day for students in Louisa County Public Schools. It's a day dedicated to students giving back to the community outside of their classrooms.

On Wednesday, students partook in combined learning. Students, teachers, and parents alike came out to clean up the school by picking weeds in the learning garden.

After weeding, students were taught how to garden and got to take home a lima bean plant.

"This is a hands-on experience that you cannot always produce in a room. It's really refreshing to have time to let kids be the drivers of their own learning. We strive with Louisa County public schools to make sure that they are the drivers," said Heather Spaid, Director of Elementary Education for Louisa County Public Schools.

She said that helping the students learn how to work inside and outside in the community is necessary for their futures.