ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Buying a six pack of Vienna Lager from Devil’s Backbone has the power to feed four families in our area, thanks to Devil’s Backbone and Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.

This initiative is raising funds for Culturally Familiar Foods Program, which aims to provide people in our area with comforting foods that taste like home.

“We are here to make sure everyone has enough to eat, but it’s not just calories, it’s nutrition. And it can’t be either of those if the food is not consumed,” added Millie Winstead, Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.

People that come to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank have had to face many hurdles to survive.

But this partnership is hoping to remove one of the obstacles these people have had to face in their life, and make them feel at home.

“Seeing food, that then they could go home and make their family’s traditional meals, just it meant so much to them, they knew that they had been truly welcomed to receive this help,” added Winstead.

For Devil’s Backbone, they are excited to share their mission of hospitality and hope that this plan will draw other local breweries in on this initiative, so that they can build this partnership to new heights. 

“It’s going to require massive change across the state, but we’re hoping that with this small piece we can help start that conversation and really push for the state of Virginia to be one state where people can come and know that they will be fed,” added Kim Oakley, the Marketing Director of Devil’s Backbone. 

But the unsung hero of this partnership is the Vienna Lager consumer, because when you pick up your six pack, you’re doing more than just having a sip of your favorite beverage. 

“At the end of the day, we want people who are going into the groceries stores and picking up Vienna Lager to feel really good about the fact that they’re not just picking up a six pack of beer, they’re picking up a six pack of beer and feeding four families at the same time,” added Oakley. 

To help these people in our area, all you have to do is purchase your six pack, scan a QR code on the packaging, which links to details of the Food Bank partnerships, and find more information on that website.