CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The teams that have made the NCAA basketball tournament have been announced, and now people need to select their brackets.

Ralph Sampson, a legendary player from the University of Virginia in the early 1980s, helped Charlottesville residents create the perfect bracket Monday morning.

Sampson says said there’re a lot of factors that go into making a winning bracket, including some that just can't be predicted.

“You never know, it might be the color of the team, it might be the jersey, it might be the mascot, it might be their record. But always in March Madness, there’s always an upset somewhere, and somebody gets hot when you don’t expect, so expect the unexpected,” he said.

With the unexpected potentially happening at any time, Sampson had a few things to say about the UVA basketball team's future in the tournament.

“They now have to put their second season together and play well as a unit, and I think we’ll get pretty far along in the bracket,” he said.

March Madness at Ralph Sampson’s Taproom includes more than just basketball, as the restaurant will also be holding a food tournament bracket throughout the tournament.

To get everyone in on all the March Madness fun, click here for information on future events at the restaurant.