ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va (CBS19 NEWS) -- A bill that critics say could potentially eliminate the Virginia CBD industry has made it all the way to Governor Youngkin's desk, but hasn't been signed.

It has one cannabis company worried.

"It's not like we are trying to hide in the shadows and sell somebody something in an alley way," said Joseph Kuhn, CEO of the Albemarle Cannabis Company.

Legislation that now sits on Governor Youngkin's desk, has Joseph Kuhn worried for his company.

"We are putting ourselves out there saying we want to be legitimate too," he said.

According to Kuhn, the creation of THC milligram limits would take all the product off his shelves because the THC limits are too low. Leigh Anne Kuhn, Joseph’s wife and COO, says it's like selling a beer bottle with only two sips in it.

"In the hemp community we want regulations, we want people to be safe, we really do. We just want to make it that we still have our jobs and keep our employees," said Joseph Kuhn.

On behalf of the Virginia Cannabis Association, a Virginia law firm is arguing that the bill may have other unintended consequences.

"It will drive folks to the black market just like it already has in the marijuana market." "We know people want these products, we know they have access to these products. The question is: will they get regulated, tested, taxed products or will they get unregulated, untested, untaxed black market products," said Gentry Locke Attorney Greg Habeeb.

To fix this, Habeeb says regulations must be more sensible.

"Again the Virginia Cannabis Association supports regulation, we support testing, we support licensure, we support taxation, all of that. We simply want reasonable regulations in the industry so that the growing hemp industry in Virginia can continue to exist," he said.

As to who supported the bill, local delegates Sally Hudson and Rob Bell voted for it. As to the governor, we don't know if he will sign the bill yet. But Habeeb told CBS19 they've been working with the governor's office on this, and so far it seems to be going well.