CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Back on the field again, little can wipe the million dollar smile from the face of Malachi Fields.

"Definitely enjoying football, having that year off just takes something out of you," Fields said, "But being back with the guys we're all flying around every day, it's just super fun. Everybody wants to be out there, it's all enjoyable."
Fields missed the majority of last season with a foot injury, but returned to the field for Virginia in their final game against Pittsburgh showing a brief glimpse of his potential with five catches for 58 yards and a touchdown. This spring the Monticello alum has picked up where he left off.
"His confidence is at a high level, he's making plays, he's making the routine plays, but he's also making the contested plays," UVA head coach Tony Elliott said, "He's looking like a big time receiver that we all believe that he can be."
New wide receivers coach Adam Mims watched Fields rehab and eventually return to the field last season as a senior offensive analyst.
"I think Malachi's potential is through the roof, I really do," Mims said, "I think that he has the potential to be a really good ball player. The great thing about him is that he wants to work and he wants to be good and you can see it in how he comes to work every single day."
While watching from the sidelines last season, coaches say Fields dedicated a lot of his time to the weight room transforming into a physically "imposing receiver".
"Working in the weight room with the strength coaches, Coach Smotherman, Coach Harrison, Coach [Pototschnik], those guys really were invested in me and I was invested in me as well," Fields said, "So just getting my body right, I feel great now."
Mims said Fields "attacked" his rehab and not only did coaches take note of the work put in, but so did younger teammates.
"Malachi has definitely evolved from last season, his leg is way better, stronger than ever," rising sophomore receiver JR Wilson said, "He's actually my lift partner, so just everyday he just pushes me to be better, seeing how far he's come since the injury."
The Cavaliers are young in the receiver room with a new coach taking the reigns, so the junior enters the spring with a higher standard.
"My expectations for him are going to be high and he knows that and he's somebody that wants to be coached," Mims said, "He doesn't shy away from hard coaching, which is great. He's got a lot, a lot of ability and he's not even tapped his ceiling."
"It's fun to watch him," Elliott said, "He comes out here with a smile everyday, he loves to be coached, you can push him, you can challenge him and then you see once you challenge him and push him, he responds."
The first two seasons of Fields UVA career have been contained to glimpses, but the belief inside the program is there is a lot more to see.
"Put all those things behind me, this is a new year, just come out fresh and start new, stay confident of course," Fields said, "Just come out new with the guys, just everything is ahead of us."