CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary and the Virginia Department of Forestry recently helped to renest two baby Great Horned owls.

The wildlife rehabilitation nonprofit received a call about the two owlets that were huddled together on the ground near a river ravine in Charlottesville.

The parents were up in a tree, anxiously watching their babies.

Sometimes baby owls will climb back up into their nests after falling, but these two did not. The wildlife sanctuary gave the babies a full checkup and said they were in good health.

Then workers with the Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary and VDOF reunited them with their parents.

"As wildlife rehabilitators, while we're really trained at what we do, we can never do it as well as their wild mom and dad can. So whenever we are able to prevent an animal coming into rehabilitative care in the first place and getting them back with their wild parents, that's always a really great day for us," said Sarah Cooperman, the executive director of RWS.

After a week, VDOF says things look like they are going well and both parents are taking care of the owlets.