CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Over the weekend, the University of Virginia released a three-minute video to Twitter talking about a re-branding initiative, but it was all part of an April Fool’s Day prank on students.

"What does the 'A' actually stand for,” asked UVA President Jim Ryan in the video.

This video went viral, as Ryan and other school officials shared that the University of Virginia will no longer be known as UVA, saying that the letter A isn't important and will no longer be part of the university's logo.

"As an institution that aspires to be great and good in all that we do. I firmly believe that every letter of our university acronym needs to stand for something,” said Ryan. “Moving forward, we will no longer be known as UVA, but simply, UV.”

The video even shows the re-branded university name on shirts, cozies, and hats, making it almost seem real.

But this video ends on a happy note with a "Happy April Fool’s Day from UVA."