CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Visitors and Charlottesville residents alike can find an experience through the Food Tour of the Corner.

A tour is filled with history, great food, and an understanding of Charlottesville once it’s over.

Rob Jiranek, who founded the Food Tours by Charlottesville Guide, started these tours about a year ago to share what he calls the dynamite food of Cville.

“It’s the heart of the creative economy here. So, a food tour kind of celebrates what they love and what they do best. It’s also a wonderful way to be introduced to a really interesting town. The one we live in,” he said.

Jiranek shares why he takes tourists to Bodos Bagels, Marco and Lucas, Corner Juice, Thyme and Co., and Moge Tee. 

“They represent a whole spectrum of dining in experience. Again, as a student would know it. All of the restaurants that we go to have been here for years. And the owners are typically right there behind the counter,” Jiranek said.

Sherry Strutz, a visitor from Raleigh, North Carolina, says this is a highlight of her trip to Charlottesville. 

“We always book a food tour because it’s a fast and easy way to learn some things about where you are and to try a variety of restaurants that otherwise you might not get a chance to see,” she said.

The Food Tours by Charlottesville Guide just added another tour.

“We’ve just introduced a Downtown Mall food tour, which also goes to the heart of the UVA food scene. We’ve got a group of terrific restaurants down there, and a great story to tell on the Downtown Mall,”  Jiranek shared.

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