GREENE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Live animals, tractors, and games were just some of the things Greene County Public School students experienced during the second annual Agriculture Day.

This day, which is completely run by students, brings kindergarten through eighth graders to William Monroe High School to learn about different aspects of agriculture in a hands-on way.

The student who started Agriculture Day wanted to make sure the next generation understands where the food they eat comes from, from the farm to the table.

“Agriculture isn’t just growing food, right? There’s plants, there’s welding, there’s mechanical aspects to it, and that education starts really, really young,” said Principal Jess Peregoy, of the Greene County Technical Education Center. 

Students learned about planting crops by playing a game with their classmates and what makes a tractor run, among many other interesting topics.

But two fan favorites included the welding and animal stations.

“I’m running the welding station, and if you break some kind of equipment on the farm, and you can’t get a part for it right then, you can most likely weld it back together,” said Levi McDaniel, one of the students running Agriculture Day.

“I have my horse Casey, and my bull Bubba, and a cow that just had a C-Section. And we are teaching them about how they can be pets or how they cannot be pets, and what happens on the farm,” added Lyla Morris, one of the students running Agriculture Day.

Greene County students were filled with knowledge about everyday use, in a fun and creative way, and loved every minute of it.

“The kids are really excited. The animals are always a hit. The welder's been a big hit, and outside of the students, the parents are really excited when their kids come home and they talk about something awesome that happened today at school," added Peregoy. "That’s a really good feeling as a parent, you know, you’re sending your kids to a school that gives them these types of experiences.”