CROZET, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Green hair, chocolate cakes, and books are just a few things that make up the story of "Matilda the Musical," which is opening this weekend at Western Albemarle High School.

“It’s just this magical story that is super fun, family-friendly of this little girl who is dealing with the struggles in her life and the magic that comes with it,” said Trudy Brement, who plays Matilda. 

This production touches on all the things people love about the story of a bright five-year-old girl whose love of reading helps her to overcome obstacles caused by her unique family and school. 

“I think it’s just such a special story because everyone knows it, of course, and to be able to present our own adaptation of the story and how we are portraying our characters, has been super special. And I feel more connected with the story than I did before now that I’ve been able to explore it in more depth,” added Brement.

Themes of family, education, and inner strength are told throughout the show. 

And with catchy lyrics and high-energy ensemble numbers choreographed by the students, "Matilda the Musical" will give you a new outlook on a story you grew up loving.

“I think it’s really important to remind yourself that even if you are different, even if you grew up in bad circumstances, there are always people who will become your family very quickly and very unexpectedly,” said Natacha Jacques, who plays Miss Honey. 

WAHS is excited to bring this loud and uplifting story to the community. Performances begin this Thursday night and ticket information is available here.