CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A new lab school building on an existing computer science partnership now has a leader.

Charlottesville City Schools announced on Wednesday that Dr. Jill Dahl will lead lab school at Buford Middle School.

According to a release, Buford is teaming up with the University of Virginia to design the school focused on computer sciences, supported by a planning grant from the Virginia Department of Education.

The goal of this school will be to teach computing skills through student-led, project-based learning at Buford.

It is hoped that continued state approval will allow the lab school to offer a program pilot in the summer of 2024 before a planned opening in the fall.

The release says Dahl will assist by being the division’s designated project leader.

“Dr. Dahl brings several key experiences as a former school principal, division leader, and program coordinator,” said Dr. Royal A. Gurley, Jr., superintendent of Charlottesville City Schools. “She understands this project’s potential to promote equity and engagement.”

Dahl currently leads the Lugo-McGinness Academy, which is the city’s alternative learning center for high school students.

She has more than a decade of experience working with CCS, including being the principal at Charlottesville High School.

Dahl has also worked for Fluvanna County Public Schools and as a teacher in Florida.

“I’m so excited to take on this new role as we work closely with UVA and many other community partners to bring these important computer science skills into the classrooms and lives of our middle schoolers,” she said. “Students and staff will be directly empowered by this lab school.”

The release says the lab school will include resources and expertise from several departments at UVA as well as various community partners.

The UVA School of Education and Human Development is taking the lead in creating the school’s initial proposal.

Other UVA departments that are involved include the Equity Center, the School of Data Science, the School of Engineering’s Department of Computer Science, the Youth-Nex research center, and the Remaking Middle School initiative.

Community partners taking part in this project include Tech-Girls, Computers4Kids, Piedmont Virginia Community College, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Virginia.

“This lab school has the potential to help us reimagine how we teach and support our students in a way that draws on our vibrant community resources,” said Dahl. “When we combine these plans with the construction work that will soon modernize our middle school, it’s clear that we can really make positive change in our school and community.”

The 2022 General Assembly appropriated $100 million to go toward the development of new lab schools across Virginia.