CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Piedmont CASA, an organization that takes community volunteers and trains them to support children while they are going through the court system, is raffling off a large playhouse in its front yard.

“With the help of Dreyfus Architects and Peter Johnson Builders, we have put together this amazing children’s play house that we are raffling off for the benefit of Piedmont CASA,” said Kate Durvall, the president of Piedmont CASA. 

Raffle tickets are $10 each or three tickets for $25. 

And the architects who created it say it’s kid approved.

“We actually had a design competition in the firm so everybody got together in groups or individually put together a proposal for the playhouse. So, we ended up with a lot of different entries and then we had kids from the community come in and take a vote and so this was the selected playhouse,” said Elizabeth Wilkin, a member of the design team at Dreyfus Architects.

On Thursday, the team of volunteers started the building of the three-story playhouse. 

Durvall says Piedmont CASA's building needs some repairs, which is why the organization is having this raffle.

“And so we got a grant from a local foundation, the Perry Foundation, to make those repairs but we have to match that grant and the playhouse is a part of that match. To really take care of our home so that we can advocate for safe, permanent, loving homes for kids in our community,” said Durvall.

The building is used to train the Court Appointed Special Advocates, also known as CASAs, that are granted to foster children. 

“They walk that path along with that child but they are there to get to know them, to get to know their family, to get to know their needs. And just really to represent what is in their best interest,” Durvall said.

Once this playhouse is fully built, it will have interesting features.

“There are these two end walls that have a series of portholes. There’s a big circular one that’s actually how you get in. It’s like the front entry to the playhouse. And then there’s a series of all these circular windows that you can see through. Then we have a skylight on the top that faces kind of up toward the sky and then on the other side is a chimney with a window in it so you can see out the side of the playhouse as well as up. So there are actually three levels and there’s a series of climbing nets between each floor and then the top floor, half of it is just a hammock. And that’s right under the skylight so you can lay in the hammock and look out at the sky,” Wilkin said.

To learn more about the raffle or becoming a CASA, click here