CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- It's been a month since automatic Medicaid re-enrollment ended, and now the administrative issues are here.

The Legal Aid Justice Center in Charlottesville is helping people go through Medicaid unwinding, which is the term for the return to pre-pandemic enrollment procedures.

If someone is currently on Medicaid, they’ll start receiving one of three letters in the mail:

  • First, a full re-enrollment packet, 
  • Second, a notice saying your information is up to date with the state and they'll re-enroll you automatically, or
  • Third, a notice saying your information is up to date with the state and they found you're no longer eligible for coverage.

Majesta-Doré Legnini from the Justice Center said in the past month, she's been helping people to interpret and fill out all the paperwork they're getting.

But in the coming months, she said she’s expecting all of the problems they're currently facing to increase.

"Every month, they're running batches of renewals to make up for the past three years where they weren't running renewals. And so each month has a certain number of prior months in each year. So for example in April, they ran March through September of 2020 and June of 2023," she said.

Legnini said if someone were to get the notice saying they aren't eligible, it should come at least 10 days before their coverage runs out.

She said if it happens, the ACA marketplace has a special enrollment period until July 2024.

Even if a notice has wrong information or someone missed their return, the Justice Center can help.

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