CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS)-- As Addi Foster takes the field one last time on senior day, she holds back tears, just like the first time she stepped onto the lacrosse field in third grade.

"Well my mom actually signed me up without telling me and I was actually really upset about it at first. I actually cried before the first practice because I didn't want to go," explained STAB senior midfielder Addi Foster.

That was the first and last time Foster would ever complain about practice as she fell in love with the sport, by her eighth grade year Addi was named a starter on the STAB varsity team.

"I didn't really expect to start or really be a key asset at all," said Foster, "I just didn't put a bunch of pressure on myself because I was so young and I didn't really know what I was getting into."

"I knew right then, and honestly before eighth grade, coaching her in younger years," started STAB girls lacrosse coach Carrington King, "She's just the ultimate competitor."

The middle school phenom would only grow to gain more recognition as she become all conference as a freshman and later a two time All American starting just her sophomore year.

"Our coach at the time she was asking me all these personal questions for the application, but I didn't know it was for the application to be an All American so when I got the honor I was extremely surprised," explained Foster.

What didn't come as a surprise though was Addi's commitment to play lacrosse at UVA.

"When I was going through the recruiting process I didn't schedule any other visits," said Foster, "I didn't call anyone else back. I just texted them saying I'm going in a different direction, sorry thank you for reaching out."

As Foster makes the nearly 5 minute trip to Klockner Stadium she leaves behind a legacy of humility and leadership at STAB.

"She's had accolades all the way starting in 8th grade whether it's all Central Virginia player of the year ,LIS, two time All American but why she's so special to the team is how humble she is," said King, "We feel like we're losing her but we're kind of not losing her we get to go cheer her on at Klockner every day."