CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Democratic candidates for the 11th District seat in the state Senate were out to rally and vote on the first day of early voting Friday.

Incumbent 25th District Senator Creigh Deeds was surrounded by supporters while casting his ballot in Charlottesville. The district's number was changed to 11 and its borders redrawn by the most recent redistricting work.

He said even though voting has started, he’s still doing the same work to gain support.

He also said he thinks most of the ballots in this election will be cast early.

"In 2020, we passed legislation to pass no-excuse absentee voting. Early voting for 45 days. People need to take advantage are that," Deeds said.

Current 57th District Delegate and Senate candidate Sally Hudson also rallied her supporters and voted in Albemarle County.

She said now is the time to find more people who didn't even realize the election was happening.

"There's a whole lot of people who are just beginning to plug into the election. So, now's when we really start going full speed," she said.

Early voting goes until June 17 and the primary election is June 20.