RICHMOND, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- With summer right around the corner, AAA is telling people to prepare for more travelers this year compared to the last three years during the pandemic.

Flights for the summer have already increased by 200 percent compared to this time last year. Morgan Dean with AAA Mid-Atlantic says if you have a summer vacation planned, don't wait to book that flight, because they’re going fast.

If you plan to drive, Dean shares some tips on how to plan ahead and stay safe in case of an emergency.

“Having some jumper cables and some other tools in case there are some issues with the vehicle. Having a blanket in the vehicle, a tarp, a raincoat, and some other things. You’re really trying to think about what would I need in this vehicle if I was stuck in a weather situation,” said Dean.

Dean says as of July 1, there’s a new state move-over law, which extends the current move-over law to tow trucks and any disabled vehicle that’s sitting along the road. Keep that in mind when setting out on your summer travels.