BUCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- In Buckingham County, there is more controversy surrounding the registrar's office.

On Tuesday, the elections board fired the interim registrar, Luis Gutierrez. According to a witness, he made quite a scene before leaving that meeting.

After the vote ending his employment, he didn't stop talking until law enforcement showed up.

"Dr. Cerwinski states several times to Mr. Gutierrez, ‘you're out of order, you're out of order.’ And he kept talking. And the sheriff, and the deputy, came back into the room. And the sheriff came up to the front of the room. And when Mr. Gutierrez saw the sheriff, he kind of stopped talking, and then exited the room,” Vice Chair of Buckingham County Democratic Committee, Maggie Snoddy said.

According to officials at the meeting, the reason why Gutierrez was let go was due to "falsification" on his application. Recently, a number of employees resigned from the registrar’s office.