FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS)-- Between soccer, school and nursing, Will Davis has a lot to juggle.

"Waking up some days at 6am to get over to the facility that we have to do our clinical at and then staying out here until 9 or 10 at night and not getting back until later, it can be hard," explains Fluvanna County senior midfielder Will Davis. 

The 3 year captain carved out a path for himself off the pitch in the nursing field in just his sophomore year. Now he'll graduate high school as a certified nursing assistant.

"I think he just likes the idea of being able to help people with a career. But at the same time make money and be able to travel some," started Will's father and Fluvanna County head soccer coach Jason Davis, "I think he kind of zoned in on that and he's done a great job. I mean he's getting his CNA before he graduates and that's just impressive."

"I actually want to go somewhere in the sports domain after a while but I really want to get my RN and then from there hopefully go back to PA school."

Before Will hits the sidelines for the sports medicine world, he has 4 more years on the field playing soccer at Averett University.

"What really drew me to Averett was really the international presence that they have on the team," explained Will Davis, "Guys from all over the world; you know the Scandinavian nations, England, Germany and just getting to learn different cultures while also going to school and playing soccer."

""I think their coach saw his versatility. Plus they have a lot of students from overseas and I think culturally he wanted to be with players from all over the world," said Jason Davis, "I think he just saw Averett as an opportunity to expand himself as a nursing student and a player and a person."

While Will will join teammates from across the globe next year at Averett, it's a bittersweet goodbye to Fluvanna soccer where he spent years playing along side his older brother with their father coaching on the sidelines.

"Just getting to watch them play and be so close, sometimes just sitting and getting to watch your son do great stuff, it's just been awesome," said Jason Davis.