LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- “She makes dreams come true, and that’s what it’s all about in education, making dreams come true,” said Doug Straley, Superintendent of Louisa County Public Schools. 

After 27 years in LCPS, Amy Seay has been named the division's Educator of the Year for her continuous impact on Louisa County students.

In second grade, she makes sure her students are having fun while learning and are absorbing the material being taught in an influential way.

From building robot leprechauns to teaching students how to communicate, Seay teaches her students to have no limits when it comes to education.

“Mrs. Seay truly represents all of our educators here at Louisa County Public Schools, and it’s obvious when your peers vote you as Educator of the Year, they see you every single day, they see the impact you’re making, and to see her out here represented as our Educator of the Year is fantastic,” added Straley.

Having a sense of positivity has allowed Seay and her students to make every action and word important in every relationship, which all starts in the classroom.

She describes teaching as an opportunity for yourself to grow, and there is no better time to start growing than today.

“It’s not easy, but taking the hard path is always worth it. Because in the end, looking back at everyone who you’ve been able to reach out to and help, that is what fills your heart,” said Seay.