CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A local boy has died after being hit with a baseball on Monday.

Calvin Ness was warming up with his Charlottesville Babe Ruth League team earlier this week when the incident occurred.

The eighth-grader was hit by a ball that had been hit by his coach in what's described as a tragic accident. He was taken to the hospital where he later died of his injuries.

The league has suspended all practices and games through Monday and there will be an emergency board meeting Saturday during which members will discuss how to move forward.

The Ness family has released this statement:

Our family is so grateful for the tremendous outpouring of compassion and support. We give our heartfelt love for Calvin's teammates, coaches and first responders. The last two days have shown us the impact that Calvin’s life had on so many communities he was a part of, from school to baseball and beyond.

In life, tragic and terrible things happen to wonderful people. Coach Adam and Calvin fell into this situation. Calvin LOVED being on Coach Adam's team. Adam reinvigorated Calvin's love for baseball, and Calvin was beaming with that love until his last moment on earth.  

Once the families and players have had space to reflect and grieve, it is time to play ball again. Calvin wouldn't have it any other way.

Elizabeth, Jason, Robinson, and Mallory

The family also donated Calvin’s organs to help the lives of other children, so that his legacy can live on.