CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- May is Stroke Awareness Month, and officials at the University of Virginia Health System want to make sure that the community stays informed.

Currently, Americans are seeing an increase in young adults having strokes.

Dr. Ryan Kellogg says that Americans are increasingly becoming unhealthy, causing a rise in obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The two types of strokes are called ischemic and hemorrhagic, with ischemic being the most common form. That condition is caused by a blocked artery.

The best way to reduce the threat is to change your lifestyle. Have better nutrition, exercise, and manage your blood pressure.

"So we really tried to educate patients and our members that as soon as you realize that someone's not acting right, you have some suspicion that it could potentially be a stroke, you should act on it because every minute matters," said Kellogg.

There are several signs people should be able to recognize and the best way to remember them is to "BE FAST." In that acronym, B stands for balance, E stands for eyes and vision, F stands for face drooping, A stands for arm, S stands for slurred speech, and T stands for time.

If a person is suddenly having problems maintaining their balance, the muscles in their face do not seem to be working properly, they lose the ability to move their limbs or are unable to speak clearly, they should be taken to the hospital immediately.

The faster a person reacts to and gets treatment, the more likely they will be able to have a positive outcome.