CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The family and friends of Buford Middle School eighth-grader Calvin Ness speak out after his sudden death, and they want him to be remembered as a great friend, a great teammate, and a great brother.

Ness was warming up for a baseball game at lane field on Monday, when accounts say a ball, that was hit by his coach, hit him. By all accounts, it was a tragic accident.

Ness was rushed to the emergency room, but on Thursday, he was taken off life support.  His organs were donated to help save lives.

In a statement, the Ness family wrote, "We give our heartfelt love for Calvin’s teammates, coaches, and first responders... The last two days have shown us the impact that Calvin’s life had on so many communities he was part of, from school to baseball and beyond."

The family says they plan to talk more about his impact when they're ready.

Charlottesville City Schools are also working to help the kids and families affected by this tragedy.

A member of the PTO at Buford Middle School, which is where Ness and his siblings went to school, explains why community support is so important.

"I think it's important that our kids know that they are seen and that they're heard and their feelings are acknowledged. That this is a tremendous time of grief and loss for our community and for the family, and we want to rally together as a community," said Amanda Burns, with the Walker Buford United PTO.  

PTO members have been in the schools bringing treats, helping out with lunch duty and being familiar faces kids can trust.

CCS officials said they have many school counselors, social workers and psychologists available. They also sent out information to school families on how to handle tragedies at home.

The Charlottesville Babe Ruth League canceled practices and games for the rest of the week. 

There is an emergency board meeting Saturday where board members will discuss how to move forward.