CROZET, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- In Virginia, 500 people are currently living with ALS, an illness with no cure. Cyclists joined the Ride to Defeat ALS to raise funds and awareness at Pro Re Nata on Saturday.

“It’s so remarkable to see these individuals who are riding 100 kilometers, or 50 km, or even 10 km as an endurance act and to see people who have very limited mobility. It’s remarkable the number of people that want to come out and help us raise funds,” said Paul Jeter, Territory Executive for Mid-Atlantic of the ALS Association. 

One member of the ALS Association says these events are why there are now two FDA-approved drugs on the market. These drugs will help the quality of a patient's life, but there is still no cure.

“We are really excited because, in any disease space, it’s a big deal when a new treatment comes to fruition and the fact that we have had two for what’s considered a rare disease in just the last year is a really big deal,” said Anthony Woodyard, Community Engagement and Development Manager for ALS Association 

Last year, the organization raised $140,000. This year, its goal was $150,000. Woodyard says they are well on their way to that goal.

Volunteer Sharan Gore says it was never her thing to ride a bike, but it was her late husband's favorite thing to do.

“He loved riding, as you can see by the smile. He just loved riding,” she said.

For that reason, she volunteered in honor of him after his passing more than two years ago from ALS.

“I’m delighted to have found this outlet because it really speaks, Bob and I hiked in these mountains when we were younger. Of course, he was a prolific rider, so it speaks to that, and giving back to ALS,” said Gore.

There is always a way to help out, even if you missed this event.

“Anyone who would like to become more involved with events like these or our walk to defeat ALS events. It’s not too late to donate or to get more information about next year," said Woodyard.

 Just visit ALS Blue Ridge Ride.