CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Joe Vil, the founder of Africa Through Your Lens, says he is visiting cities across the United States to inform folks about the importance of genetics. 

“The biggest concern worldwide is genetics. How are we going to contribute to managing genetics? If I talk about genetics in South Africa, 78 percent of all wildlife is privately owned,” he said.

Vil says that obviously isn’t the case in the United States. He says as a country, we need to start discussing how to conserve those natural resources for generations to come.

He says the population growth of humans is impacting the natural migration of animals in the wild. This impacts these species as a whole.

“Us as population growth, housing and all of that. You break all the natural migration patterns now. So, we as humans must step into it now and be really concerned about it and try to see how we can really protect genetics for future generations,” said Vil.

His organization works to raise money through safari trips in South Africa to not only educate people but give them the opportunity to see the wildlife in person and understand why genetics are truly so important.

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